Organic Soaps

Our organic soap is made with the same care and attention as everything else that leaves our factory, but with the added benefit of only using organic oils which we know our customers love.

Our organic soaps are all Soil Association Certifed, meaning that they’ve been rigorously tested to ensure only the best organic ingredients go in to them. It also means that these soaps contain at least 95% organic content. This is important as we want to make sure that you’re looking after your skin – it is the largest organ on your body after all!

Our organic range still has a high glycerin content and is fragranced with a delicate blend of two oils, palmarosa and lavender. This provides a light and subtle floral scent to remind you of the natural origins of this soap.

Available as a rectangular soap bar, liquid soap and a gift set, which is perfect for introducing organic-loving friends and family to Droyt Soap.

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Showing all 4 results