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  1. I though that possibly you could extend your range by including bars of general purpose household soap. I used to buy the green household soap, which had the manufactures name a Fairy, but on checking at a number of shops I’m told that it’s no longer manufactured. There doesn’t seem to be an alternative product on the market.
    I used to use it in the kitchen for washing my hands and general purpose cleaning. I also understand that it was commonly used on clothes, eg. shirt collars, prior to machine washing.

    PS Over several years I bought Droyt’s soaps for domestic use. in fact I’m due to place an order very soon!

  2. Dear Geoffrey. Thank you very much for getting in touch. You are quite correct regarding the Fairy Laundry bar. In fact there is a company called John Drury who still make a ‘heritage’ Laundry bar, but we don’t know where you can buy it as a retail customer. They might be able to help with that. Our formulation is different to that sort of soap so we’re happy to mention the competition! And thank you for your order! We have to produce a couple of the items which are out of stock so as soon as that is done we will send it out. Regards DPL

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