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We can wrap presents!




wrapped parcelAdd gift wrapping to your order! We source a range of attractive non-specific wrapping papers which we can use to turn our boringly functional cardboard soap cartons into beautifully wrapped presents. Of course, we can also tailor the paper according to the event, so if you prefer us to use a festive style, please let us know. Just add the giftwrap option to your basket and we will do the rest.



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It’s just historical.

Look what we fouPrice List Fifties 2 Frontnd! This must be from the early fifties although there’s no date on it. When we first produced PC49 the retail price was  1s/3d, which is what it says here and that was in 1950 when you also had to use a ration coupon.

PC49, and our othr figures soaps were made with a special fragrance (and soap) called Tah. We bought soap noodles (raw soap supplied in sacks) from Lever Bros. (as they were then) and milled the soap before cutting into billets and stamping in our special moulds

Quite a few of the figure soaps had glass eyes. I don’t think we’d get away with that today!  However, you can still get a safe gold paint, so if we ever wanted to make PC49 again, (who had gold buttons and helmet crest), the painting would be the least of our problems.Scan of 50's price list

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Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

To UCLAN and a talk about Droyt’s and international trade to the International Business students. There is isn’t so much to say on the subject these days. In the past we exported about 60% of turnover, but now the figure is more like 25%, although indirectly that will be higher because we make soap for other companies who then export.The lecture theatre was very well equipped with a huge AV screen. There was a brief panic when my presentation, saved on a USB stick came on screen with all the photos corrupted. I was preparing to preface each slide with ‘What you should be seeing here..’ but then remembered that the file was backed up on my phone. So, good commuter that I am, I had in my bag the relevant USB connector cable and once the appropriate handshaking happened, the uncorrupted file loaded up fine. Isn’t technology quite good?
It’s always pleasant to talk on and on about something one knows a lot about to a captive audience. The students were very polite and avoided any obvious displays of boredom. They also put me on the spot with some very astute questions, while also managing to avoid focussing too much on the failings of our marketing program. I’m looking forward to seeing their suggestions!